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General Contracting

General contracting has always been our valuable delivery processes when it comes to construction. This is a way the managers hire contractors separately and the new team designs and constructs the building. As general contractors, we only pick the best builders and designers to work with us. We believe in quality results, and we look forward to delivering an awesome experience.

Design and Build

JMA Construction Company is ranked as one of the leading designers in Johannesburg South Africa. We have a reliable team that enables our success in all the projects that we undertake. Our commitments and all our principles are our guiding factors when we approach and serve all the clients. Our diversity makes us stand out from the rest. We consider science and artistic designs to make the process efficient, and the results are always impeccable.

Pre-construction services

Pre-construction is a trial and error mode where there is a chance to amend certain factors during construction. During pre-construction, we do check on the budget deficit, the number of staffs needed, the materials to be acquired, and other available information. We tailor-make the vision and mission and ensure they are attained at reduced costs. Pre-construction is considered a valuable tool in all the projects that we have completed as it acts as a guideline. It saves us time and enable us work in short and long term projects.


JMA Johannesburg engineers applaud leadership in energy and environmental designs. This is because it improves on productivity and saves on costs. The facility is one of the ways our clients will have a chance to check on our environment conservation procedures. We provide LEED certifications to houses that consider green conservation.


We use the creative building information modeling in creating designs and other representations. These representations give the owners the chance to view the designs and visualize the appearance of their buildings before they are built. This is a technology is contractual and evolves with time. The process conceptualizes the complete building life cycle and the stages to complete.

Interior Services

We view your house in a different dimension. Our oversight management procedure enables high-level streamlined, cost effective designs. We deal with reconstruction and remodeling of the entire house. We use our knowledge, available resources and skilled professional services to come up with ideal themes. We are also attentive to the quality of the materials we use.