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Want a qualified manager for your next build?

Planning Process

We take the time to plan and prepare for the next construction stage. We do this by examining the objectives and goals of each project on behalf of our clients.


Through the years, we have managed to work with skilled experts, suppliers, and interior designers. This has allowed JMA to tap into massive construction clientele.

Training Services

We are proven leaders in design and construction training. We train our sub-contracting company on how to work and bring out exciting designs.

We build bungalows to sky scrapers that meet our exciting clientele demands; we can do the same for you too….

Commercial Designs

JMA works around the clock to create the best designs for construction of offices. We work indoors and outdoors too for an attractive ambiance.

Residential Designs

We are reliable workers who work from your house. We bring our tools and staff to make the best artistic home designs. We decorate and change the entire color and nature of your home. You will definitely fall in love with our services.

Open Space Fittings

At JMA, we cultivate your outdoor garden and make it look natural and beautiful. We plant all kinds of flowers and make attractive arrangements.

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Greg Stiller

We got a call from this company after one of their employees locked a key in a truck that was delivering supplies to a construction site for a client they were working with in NZ. We responded within 20 minutes and recovered the keys within the shortest time possible. These guys were patient and engaging. We will partner on a project whenever a chance surfaces!

Greg Stiller –Locksmith-Auckland.com

Tony Ong

JMA is my favorite building company to work with. They are always professional in their approach and get things done within the stipulated deadlines. As a locksmith, I supply them with keys and locks as well as create copies of existing keys should there be need. Randy, the team leader, is a passionate guy with a sense of humor and makes everyone feel welcome. The final product definitely showcases the capability of this company. I recommend them.

Tony Ong – www.locksmithsinsingapore.com

David Sona

We won a tender recently for fitting locks on new buildings being set up by the local administration. The project involved building new flats and setting up the doors, locks, and flooring. While JMA worked on the construction, we installed locks on the doors and windows. We couldn’t have been more fortunate to work with staff as cooperative as JMA. Our partnership enabled us to work fast and we completed the job in record time. My team and I wouldn’t think twice when it comes to working on a locksmith project together with you guys. Thanks!

Sid Van Zyl, bestlocksmiths.durban

Michael Pantoni

Working with this company was one of the best moments in our professional career. They give attention to detail and there’s absolutely nothing that is impossible to them. Our work together helped us install safes and security locks in a new hotel building in Pretoria. Thanks for the assistance and we look forward to more work together.

Johan Gerhard – co-founder, www.locksmithspretoria.com


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